AEM Archetype comments

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AEM Archetype comments

Created 15-08-2023, last change 15-08-2023

See ,

Usage example:

mvn -o -B archetype:generate  -D archetypeGroupId=com.adobe.aem  -D archetypeArtifactId=aem-project-archetype  -D archetypeVersion=37  -D aemVersion=cloud  -D appTitle="Composum AI"  -D appId="composum-ai"  -D groupId="" -D artifactId="composum-ai" -D includeExamples=n -D frontendModule=general -D version=0.4.2-SNAPSHOT -D includeDispatcherConfig=n -D singleCountry=y -D sdkVersion="2023.7.12874.20230726T072051Z-230702"

The at the top contains valuable information. A problem is to distinguish between example files and files you’re creating - use license comment on top?