How to extend the AEM Side Panel

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How to extend the AEM Side Panel

Created 24-09-2023, last change 24-09-2023

For Composum AI I needed to add a new tab to the AEM side panel (or side rail) in the editor.

The declaration of the existing side panels is in /libs/wcm/core/content/editor/jcr:content/sidepanels/edit/items That means it could be extended by overlaying that, but this might be a little intrusive. It’s also possible to extend it via Javascript, as it’s a Coral Tabview with id SidePanel.

A nice idea is to create a .hidden component with a dialog copied froom the …/sidepanels/edit and then reworked to show the actual dialog. It can then be included with JavaScript. Done in Composum AI.

Adding the side panel e.g. with Javascript:

channel.on("foundation-contentloaded", function (e) {
    Coral.commons.ready(channel, function (component) {

            const tabView = $('#SidePanel coral-tabview')[0];

The [0] unwraps the coral objects from jquery - tab is the coral-tab , panel is the coral-panel, I retrieved that from a normal dialog rendering. Compare the Composum AI code.