Various Docker commands

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Various Docker commands

Created 29-08-2023, last change 29-08-2023

This contains various common commands for the Docker command line which I tend to use often. So this is my central point to look them up.

Docker Cleanup

docker system prune –volumes docker volume prune docker image prune -a


docker stats -a docker ps -a


Command line in an container without network access and mount the current directory as work directory: docker run -ti –rm –network none -v pwd:pwd -w pwd -p 8080:8080 openjdk:12-jdk /bin/bash

Inspect image

show Dockerfiles : docker image history –no-trunc docker run -it –entrypoint /bin/bash –rm -u root

docker export $(docker ps -lq) tar tf -
docker create –name=”tmp_\(" image:tag ; docker export tmp_\) tar t ; docker rm tmp_$$


On Mac M1: –platform linux/x86_64/v8 or use e.g.

environment variable DOCKER_DEFAULT_PLATFORM linux/x86_64/v8 versus linux/arm64/v8