LLM Embeddings (usage of tool by Simon Willison)

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LLM Embeddings (usage of tool by Simon Willison)

Created 24-09-2023, last change 26-10-2023

Simon Willison has a very comprehensive command line tool llm for working with large language models (both ChatGPT and others, incl. local models). Very recommended! There are just some notes about using LLM embeddings for search in local files, mostly according to his blog entry about that , as well as this one.


See his blog. I use homebrew on Macl

brew install llm
brew upgrade llm
llm install -U llm 
llm install -U llm-sentence-transformers 
llm sentence-transformers register --lazy -a minilm all-MiniLM-L12-v2
llm sentence-transformers register --lazy -a mpnet all-mpnet-base-v2
llm install -U llm-embed-jina
# llm aliases set minilm sentence-transformers/all-MiniLM-L12-v2
llm keys set openai

This registers shortcuts minilm, mpnet for the resp. models, and declares models jina-embeddings-v2-small-en,
jina-embeddings-v2-base-en and jina-embeddings-v2-large-en - all of them will be downloaded on first use.

Calculate embeddings

Just print embedding for something: llm embed -m ada-002 -c "something" (OpenAI)
llm embed -m sentence-transformers/all-MiniLM-L6-v2 -c "Hello World"


Just omit the -d test.db if you like to use your llm database stored in your ~/Library/Application Support/io.datasette.llm/embeddings.db .

Explicitly storing phrases in local collection

llm embed -d test.db -m minilm test hello -c "hello world"
llm embed -d test.db test helloagain -c "hello again"
llm similar -d test.db test -c "hello"

Store documents

llm embed-multi til -d til.db -m mpnet --store --files . '**/*.md'
llm similar til -d til.db -n 5 -c "how to sync content from JCR to AEM"

Argument –store for embed-multi stores the content, but that makes the output of llm similar very hard to read.

Other relevant stuff

Mac M1 and Llama-2 etc: https://github.com/simonw/llm-mlc

Generally llm plugins: https://llm.datasette.io/en/stable/plugins/directory.html