Creating Maven Sites

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Creating Maven Sites

Created 07-12-2023, last change 07-12-2023

Description at

Available skins discussed at ; looks nice, obviously well supported, but looks very maven.

mkdocs variant of this looks nice: but this seems not very well supported. (I love the cerulean bootswatch theme, though. :-)

Very impressive alternative , but is a bit of work to use.

Super list of examples using many many reports :


I’m not sure whether this is “normal” but I had the problem that all menus in the submodules vanished once I put a site.xml in. The only way I found to put it back was putting into the <body> there:

<menu ref="parent" inherit="bottom" inheritAsRef="false"/>
<menu ref="modules" inherit="bottom" inheritAsRef="false"/>
<menu ref="reports" inherit="bottom" inheritAsRef="false"/>

Detailed configuration

Markdown pecularities

The site archetype had the following interesting macro - there are others, too, probably the most useful is snippet .

<!-- MACRO{toc|fromDepth=1|toDepth=2} -->